How to Prepare Crab Louie or Crab Louis Salad

At different times, this dish has been called Crab Louie, Crab Louis Salad, Louis Salad and/or the King of Salads. Research indicates that although the origins of the recipe are unclear, it is reputed to date back to the early 1900’s. Some anecdotes credit the original recipe to the entrepreneur Louis Davenport. Presently, three recipes

Why smoking is injurious?

A constant dried out cough is your body’s mode of trying to clean the crud away from your lungs naturally. But unhappily, if you carry on smoking each day,  then it is a losing battle. So your body wants aid in cleaning the tar, nicotine, chemicals, and crap that cigarettes pump into your lungs everyday.

Great fluffy scrambled eggs

The key to making fluffy scrambled eggs is to make them using fresh ingredients and then serve and eat them immediately. The techniques for making perfect scrambled eggs can be learned with practice. The following steps will help you achieve this delicious fluffy egg delight. Fresh ingredients Supermarket eggs are already at least twenty-four hours old when

Infantigo (Impetigo) Treatments

Infantigo treatment is initiated when a person develops symptoms and is diagnosed with this condition. It is a skin disease caused by the streptococcal or the staphylococcal bacteria which typically affects the face, arms and legs. The disease is quite common in younger children since they do not have a fully developed immune system. Treating

Is Stevia Safe

If you have a sweet tooth, but wish to avoid the calories and glucose from sugar or the toxic bi-products of artificial sweeteners, then Stevia is a choice you should look into. Stevia is a small, green, whole leaf plant that is native to Paraguay. The leaves are extremely sweet and can be used whole

Signs of Strep Throat – How to Recognize Them

Strep throat is a very insidious disease, which is actually infected with streptococcus bacteria, and often calls it just a strep throat. Unlike the usual sore throat, streptococci is not due to really or flu. It is a specific disease, which is made by the bacterium streptococcus. This article will look at the main signs

Nicotine Addiction

Tobacco industry studies in 1964 concluded nicotine was an addictive drug. During the 30 years the tobacco industry withheld this information about the addictiveness of nicotine, 9 million Americans died. Source: Joseph Califano, former secretary of health, education and welfare, Carter administration, and White House staff member during the Johnson Administration; Source: “If Only We’d

The Tobacco Industry

The Council for Tobacco Research finances $20 million in research per year, making it one of the largest scientific grant-giving organizations in the United States. The group funds scientific research and “special projects” recommended by tobacco company lawyers. (Testimony, Dr. James F. Glenn, chairman of the Council for Tobacco Research, House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee

Blue Waffles Disease

Blue waffles disease is an illness that affects the vagina and gives tremendous pain to a person suffering from it. Once the disease sets in, it causes the shape of the vagina to become totally disoriented giving the vagina a pathetic condition. Blue waffles is believed to have a similar condition to that of the

Stages of Herpes

Making yourself aware of the stages of herpes will let you be familiar with the method of transmission of the herpes virus. It can be alarming that there are more or less 80% of infected individuals who do not have the idea that they are carriers of the virus in the first place. Educating yourself is necessary